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Monkey Enjoys Pig Transport – Both Listen to Hideous Music

I don’t know if I want to cheer, or eat my own lips – this music sounds as though it’s being shit out by Satan!


Simian and Caprine Splendour

I have no words here – All I can express is the feeling of completeness my life now has.

Circus Stack

I’m a little disappointed the second dog just couldn’t be bothered to make the effort it’s animal brethren could manage. I don’t think I’m being too extreme here when I say it should be cooked and eaten. Immediately.

The beasts have conquered Iwo Jima! ALRIGHT!

The beasts have conquered Iwo Jima!

Chimp on Segway makes break for freedom

Why is that the Japanese people think that funny = sound effects from the pokemon movie? I didn’t know if I was watching a cheesy Japanese gameshow, or Donkey Kong..


Monkeys on bikes!! Wha??

I think I’ve just shit my pants. Not 1, 2 or even 3 but a whole freakin’ shit load of monkeys.. On bikes.. RIGHT NOW!

Bull riding monkey man


You'll laugh when I turn this fucker around and run your asses down!

You'll laugh when I turn this fucker around and run your asses down!

White Cub sizes up future meal.

In about a years time this white cub is going to rip this monkeys head clean off and devour his abdomen in seconds. He will eventually shit his remains out and feed them to his own cubs. and that’s the circle of life that is.


When I'm older I'm gonna eat you, you son of a bitch monkey

When I'm older I'm gonna eat you, you son of a bitch, big eared twat.

Evil Knievel of the monkey world

Mwaaaaahhhhh.. I'm gonnaaaaaa.. BOOM!!!!!!!!

Mwaaaaahhhhh.. I'm gonnaaaaaa.. BOOM!!!!!!!!

He looks innocent, but don’t let his youthful exterior deceive you. He was a bad ass monkey motorcycle riding machine.

Sadly, after this photo was taken, “Evil” was involved in a hot and fiery death when his miniature bike crashed into the first of the 17 petrol tankers he was trying to jump at the time. ESPN have footage and everything. A tear has been shed here. SOB.

Monkey in goat hijack fiasco

Monkeys are featuring quite a lot here today. And with good reason. They rule.

This one has thought it a great plan to hijack a farmer’s goat, then threaten to drive it off of an electricity pylon if his evil money requests aren’t met. Devious little bastard.

Step away from the goat, sir.

Step away from the goat, sir.

Monkey Rides Dog AND LIVES

What’s more, this monkey has a rodeo show in Dallas he’s so damned amazing!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee HAW!!

Animal Stack

Animal Stack

Animal Stack

Monkeys Rule

Monkey + Miniature Motorbike = More awesomeness than you can handle